APR 23 — APR 24, 2024

The future of the new space economy in Italy.

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A Space Center to be at the center of the space economy

At Lario Space Center, you'll find yourself at the core of the space ecosystem, nestled in the mountains of Lake Como, surrounded by satellite antennas towering dozens of meters high.

Surrounded by revolutionary technologies and industry leaders, every moment at LarioSpace 2024 offers you the opportunity to connect with innovations and ideas shaping the future of space.


Experience immersive exhibitions and demonstrations of space technologies from key stakeholders: from satellites to launchers, from materials to services.

Conference & Workshop

Each session is a journey through the hottest topics in space exploration, advanced technology, and sustainable development strategies in space.

B2B Matchmaking

LarioSpace goes beyond traditional presentations. Join panels and roundtable discussions where experts and participants dialogue, compare ideas, and explore new collaborations. Here the future of space is debated, imagined, and planned to meet potential partners, clients, and investors.

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New Space Economy


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Connecting brilliant minds for a space future

Explore a world of possibilities in a dynamic and stimulating environment. Participate in high-level conferences, interactive workshops, and networking sessions that can transform your vision and professional path.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a scientist, an educator, or simply a space enthusiast, LarioSpace 2024 has something extraordinary to offer you.

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